What is the main requirement to manage any business? It is nothing but complete protection of your essential business asset called data. If your business data is secure, you can perform business operations smoothly. Sometimes one department needs data of another department for some official purpose but they can't access it due to the unavailability of required resources. Therefore, these backup services can make your data accessible for the entire organization. Online users are highly dependent on remote or online backup services to store data files within multiple layers of protection. For this purpose, a software is used to run these online backup systems to back up all the data at regular intervals. This task can be performed on a daily basis or as per your work urgencies. Online backup program covers collection, compression, encryption and transfer of data to online servers. With each passing day, computers are used by everyone to store large volume of information. Thereby, they need a strong platform where they can store information for an unlimited period of time without worrying about its being lost. Also, with increasing Internet dependency people are considering online backup services as the best and convenient option.